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Burnsco NZ - Available from all stores

Kea Trailers - 145 Maui Street, Te Rapa Hamilton
DMW Trailers - 12 Karewa Place, Pukete Hamilton

RV Mega - 101 Hewletts Rd, Mount Maunganui

Auto Leisure & Marine Group - 10 Udy Place, Te Rapa Hamilton
MasterTech Marine - 60 Whiore Avenue, Tauriko Tauranga

RNRV Ltd - 66 Small Road, Silverdale Auckland

Customer Care


One year warranty is provided after date of purchase, if neither

  • Defect in materials or workmanship.
  • the module is destroyed by non man-made damage.
  • the mechanical part is destroyed by non man-made damage.
  • no warranty for damage of surface appearance.

Key replacement

Each lock comes with a flat coded key with serial number (ie. K123456), use this identification number to re-order keys for your lock. Make note of the serial number and keep it in a safe place. Replacement keys can be ordered by contacting us.


Lubricate your lock once per month using Graphite Powder to ensure smooth and reliable operation.

Note: For locks with rechargeable batteries, please recharge every 3 months to avoid damaging the Lithium battery.

Warranty Contacts:

Contact your local retailers or distributors to register your claim


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